Large starter kit Hydroponic cultivation choose between 32 or 50 mm baskets

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With our large starter kit you get everything you need to get started with hydroponics quickly, easily and cheaply.

Complete with used cans and your own plastic boxes, e.g. StrongBox 15 L which you can buy from us, you have a complete cultivation system with nursery, growth box and attractive jars to put in the kitchen window to harvest from.

The package includes:

  • Stora Plantskolan (96 plants)
  • 1 hole saw (33 or 48 mm)
  • 1 drilling template for StrongBox 15L (also delivered digitally)
  • 40 mesh baskets
  • 40 pieces of growing mushrooms made of PU foam
  • 2 lids for 99 mm cans with holes
  • 2 lids for 73mm tins with holes
  • 1 bottle of Hydroponic nutrition 250 ml (enough for 125 l of water)
  • 1 plant lamp with 4 x 20 w led lighting
  • 1 tweezers to easily move plants 

Delivered in a flexible box that you can store everything in when you are not using it. Easy to carry in a flexible handle and 100% climate compensated.

Start by removing the number of seed cubes you are going to use, rinse and thoroughly soak the sponge. Pile one or more seeds into each seed cube and place in the nursery, fill up with water so that it reaches over the grid. Feel free to put some plastic over it so it doesn't dry out so quickly.

Place the lighting about 5 cm from the plants.

When the plants have roots that are about 3-4 cm, take the cubes apart and squeeze the seed cube into a sponge (well rinsed and wet) and place in a mesh pot. It is important that the roots hang down through the mesh pot. Now you put your plant in the growth box. The water level should be just below the bottom of the net basket. Here the plant is allowed to grow. Now it needs a lot of light, nutrition and water.

When it's time to start harvesting, you can transfer the plant into a nice canning jar where you put one of the lids that you got with you. Place the plant in the kitchen window and enjoy. Don't forget to water with nutrient water.

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