Mylar bags

A mylar bag can most easily be described as a soft can. It shares many properties with the can and protects the contents from moisture, oxygen, light, odor and bacteria, but it is flexible as a plastic bag.

Consists of three layers

Outer layer BoPET, a modified variant of the plastic in soft drink bottles, is extremely strong and tight. Very resistant to stick.
The intermediate layer is an aluminum foil that protects the mother from light and does not let gas and moisture through. 
Inner layer is a food-approved PE plastic - the same plastic as in Gladpack, very stretchable and resistant to wear and sharp objects. These three layers are laminated together and create a barrier that keeps out moisture, oxygen, light, odor, bacteria and pests.

Different sizes

Our Mylar bags are available in several different sizes from 1 dl to 30 liters. Always use our mylar bags together with Oxygen Absorbers. These consume the oxygen in the closed bag and create an environment where food, paper, tools etc. can be stored without aging for many years. To guarantee a hermetic (airtight) closure, it is very important that the mylar bag is heat-sealed, even those with a ziplock. This is most easily done with a straightener (which is normally used to straighten the hair) or a regular iron.