Crisis preparedness - it starts with each of us

How is your crisis preparedness? What are you preparing for? There are as many answers as there are visitors to the website. At, we want to help you get started in an easy, quick & economical way.
Now we have also stocked up with some good stuff in the warehouse for upcoming challenges. Don't miss our new emergency cookies that will last until 2043! You can find them under equipment.
Remember: Your best preparation is to also prepare the people around you, you are no better prepared than those you care about. Spread the knowledge!
Take care of is!


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Do you want to be prepared for future crises?

Mylar bags & Oxygen absorbers

Here is everything you need to build your own supply of supplies such as
does not need to be rotated all the time.

Food packed in Mylar bags together with oxygen absorbers has an extremely long shelf life, up to 30 years for e.g. rice. read more here

Hydroponic cultivation
We also help you get started with your own growing of vegetables, indoors and all year round!

Hydroponic cultivation. A good step in becoming self-sufficient in lettuce and herbs all year round, start now.
Knowledge is the most important thing to prepare with, experience builds knowledge. In addition, the whole family gets pleasure from this prepping already now. We have everything you need to get started.

We have both the products and the knowledge and we are happy to share!

Equipment & Books

Now we also take in books and equipment that might be good to have at home.

We deliver from our own warehouse in Sweden. In most cases, you will have your delivery within 2-4 working days.
More and more webshops work with dropshipping, then the goods are sent from the supplier's warehouse, often abroad, sometimes all the way from China. Then you may have to wait up to 5 weeks for your delivery. In addition, VAT and duty may be added. That's not how we work!

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