How long does the food I pack in a Mylar bag with an oxygen absorbent last?

All times are based on storage at room temperature, 21 degrees.
However, a lower temperature can extend the times below considerably. Every 5.6 degrees lower temperature doubles the storage time.

A product that can:
10 years at 21 degrees can therefore pass
20 years at 15 degrees
30 years at 10 degrees and
40 years at 4 degrees.

This information is taken from the American agency National Center for Home Food Preservation's website and publications.


In original packaging

In Mylar Bag with Oxygen Absorbent
(at room temperature)

Flour 1 year 5 years
Pasta 1-2 years 8-10 years
dried milk 1-2 years 15 years
Dried vegetables 8-10 years

1-2 years

8-10 years
Grain (whole grain) 10-12 years
Corn 3-4 years 10-12 years
Quinoa 1-2 years 8 years
Oatmeal 1-2 years 8 years
Egg powder 1-2 years 15 years
Wallpaper 1-2 years 15 years
Salt sugar & honey Depending on humidity forever
rice (white) 1-2 years 8-10 years
laugh (brunt) 6 months 1-2 years


In addition to radically extending the storage time, all insects, larvae and eggs also die in the oxygen-free environment. It can take up to 12 days and requires an oxygen level of less than 1%. But with the right number of oxygen absorbers, the oxygen level will be about 0.1%. This is something you only achieve with the Mylar and oxygen absorbent combination. sells Oxygen Absorbers in the size 300cc.
One such consumes the oxygen in about 1.2 l of air.

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