Do you want to get started quickly and cheaply?

We have and many others sell StrongBox 15L which is food approved. 

Drill holes, size depending on which mesh pots you are going to put in and number depending on what you are going to grow. 

We have a StrongBox 15L with 12 holes in which we push the plants up after they have moved out the nursery school . There, the plants are allowed to grow in the basement with good lighting. When they are ready for harvest, they are transferred to a StrongBox 15L with 6 holes that stands in the kitchen or canning jars with our attractive plastic lids for 32 or 50 mm mesh baskets. This way, we can have many plants growing at different stages and 6 plants to harvest. Every week we sow 6 new seeds in the nursery, which after a few weeks move over in the growth box. The 6 largest plants in that box move up to the kitchen and are harvested during the week.

The first weeks the seeds germinate in the Nursery.
Then they are allowed to grow for a couple of weeks in the growth box (with 6 or 12 holes)
When it's time to harvest, we move the box up or transfer the plants into canning jars with our stylish plastic lids where they also become an ornament in the kitchen..

In this way, we are self-sufficient in lettuce.

2 st StrongBox 15L 178:-
Lilla Plantskolan from 99:-
Net pot 32 mm with cultivation mushroom  25 pack  99:-
Amount: 376:-


Tips to buy for:

Hole saw to drill holes in the lid of the gear box 99:-
Cultivation sponge 32 mm 48 pack 89:-
Hydroponic nutrition 300 ml 69:-

To get the equivalent amount of salad with Harvy, you need 6 of the large one (with 6 holes).- Total purchase cost SEK 3,774

Download our drill template for free here :