Do you want to get started quickly and cheaply?

Ikea has a plastic box called Kuggis. It costs (March 2021) €7,99 with a lid included.

Drill holes, size depending on which net pots to put in and number depending on what to grow.

We have one Kuggis with 12 holes in which we grow the plants after they have moved out of the  nursery. Here, the plants can grow big and strong out of sight with good lighting.
When they are ready for harvest, they are moved to another Kuggis with 6 holes standing in the kitchen. In this way we can have 5x6 plants of lettuce on growth in different stages and 6 plants to harvest from. Every week we sow 6 new seeds in the nursery, which after three weeks moves over in box 1 (the one with 12 holes). The 6 largest plants in that box move in the kitchen to the 6 holes box and are harvested during the week.

Week 1 - 3 in the nursery, 4 & 5 in the growth box, week 6 the harvest box.

In this way, we grow all sallad we need (and more).

2 Kuggis from Ikea (2x€7,99) €15,98
The nursery from €19,90-
Net pot 32 mm with cultivation sponge 2 pcs 25 pack  €6,95-
Amount: €42,83


Tips, you might also want to buy this:

Hole saw to drill holes in the lid of the Kuggislådan @9,95
Cultivation sponge 32 mm 75 pack @9,95

This will have you started at 1/3 of the cost of other systems.