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Time to light the campfire, the oil lamp or the wood stove.

This package includes:

  • 1 storm lighter
  • 1 fire steel
  • 1 Blowpipe to speed up the fire
  • ca 60 gram Mayasickor

Perfect to have in your BOB (Bail out Bag), emergency box or in the car.

Delivered in a paper box that is 15x10x2.7 cm

The storm lighter has a flame and is refillable with regular lighter gas, e.g. this one

The lighter is of very good quality and you scrape off some shavings from the Mayan sticks with the included metal scraper if you are going to light with the lighter. If you want to light a fire with the storm lighter, you can use the Maya stick as a kindling cube. It is bursting with resin and burns very well and for a long time.

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