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Perfect to have in when the power goes out, in the boat, caravan or car, live in a carry bag.
A plate with adjustable heat strength.

On this gas stove, you can really cook without any problems with your usual pans.

Buy a disposable gas tube at Biltema or Jula. Standard bayonet mount on the gas tube. costs about SEK 20 each.

Has Piezo ignition so you don't need matches or lighters to light it


The kitchen has a holder for the gas bottle which makes it easy to install and remove the bottle so the kitchen is always prepared with a bottle of gas. With a safety device, you easily disconnect the LPG when it is not in use, which guarantees that the bottle does not leak and is empty when it is needed most. Easy and safe. The lever to the left of the knob clamps the bottle so it can give gas. When you have used the kitchen, you just pull it up and the bottle is released and there is no gas pressure in the kitchen.

Fits pots and pans with a diameter over 12 cm (pots over approx. 1 litre)

The box measures 35 cm x 32 cm x 9.5 cm and everything weighs about 1.3 kilos

The kitchen measures 34cm x 28cm x 8cm and weighs 1.2 kilos

If you want two plates, buy two kitchens, it is better than buying a kitchen  with two plates. more flexible and safer.

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