Family Crisis – Everything You Need to Get Started

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Have you also thought of putting together a crisis binder but haven't gotten started?

We've done the grunt work for you. With our emergency binder, you get checklists and documents so that you can easily and quickly collect your important documents and information in a structured way. Everyone should have this binder in their home to keep important documents in order.

The binder is divided into 13 headings:


My family




Bank - Accounts, Savings and Loans


Important documents

Accounts and passwords

10 Important contacts

11 Maps

12 Checklists

13 Crisis plan

Each area has a checklist with suggestions for what you should do (eg picture 3). Then there are forms, to-do lists (eg picture 4) and other information that is good to have.

You get a black A4 binder with a 20-tab index so you can add your own headings if you're missing something.

You also receive all forms as a PDF (delivered digitally) so you can fill them in on the computer if you prefer to do so or if there are more than 4 of you in the family.

There are about 60 pages of information, checklists and forms.

Image 2 - The table of contents

Figure 3 - Example of a checklist for a tab

Image 4 - Sample form, this is for your pets. On the front you fill in information about your pet, on the back there is a checklist of the documents you can put in the binder, originals or copies, you choose. 

When you order, you choose which version you want to buy:


(hole stroke)
Without cover X X X
With cover X X X X
With cover and a hole punch X X X X X


The binder is a black 60mm binder with wooden spine

There is a lot of paper you have to put in the binder, if you don't have a hole punch at home, we suggest you buy the binder with a hole punch. The papers we send are of course already punched in. The punch is for your insurance policies, purchase agreement, passport copies, etc.

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