Maya sticks 300 grams lit easily without chemicals

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Maya knitting needles in bundles approx. 300g, approx. 15 knitting needles and 25cm long

Burns in all weathers, does not absorb water. Smells fabulous when they burn!

Perfect for you who: 

  • Using a lighter - remove a small amount of dust / chips that ignite the sparks of the lighter.
  • Want to light the grill, campfire or fire without chemicals - The fire sticks light with high heat and can withstand wet weather.
  • Do not like the taste of lighter fluid when you grill the fine piece of meat - Light the grill and sharpen the taste of lighter fluid in the food. :-)
  • Want to light the stove, wood stove or tiled stove easily without chemicals.

Contents: Ocote (Pinus oocarpa) from Guatemala. High quality fatwood / Fatwood = up to 80% resin.

Also known as: pitch pine, pino ocote, mayastic sticks, tender sticks, resin sticks, resin wood, tar wood, tar sticks, tinder, maya sticks, fat wood, fatwood.

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