Prepper's guide - Survive in the long run

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Preparedness for a natural disaster or other temporary emergency will not keep you alive during a pandemic, power grid collapse or other deep crisis. Government brochures and other prepper books often focus on persevering for a few days.
The Prepper's guide, on the other hand, is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to survival with one's own resources, even long after a disaster has occurred.
Learn to clean water and create food storage, and take part in important advice such as getting portable solar panels. Here are suggestions on how to deal with problems and challenges that arise when nothing returns to normal in weeks, months or even years. The book is a bible for those who want to survive when what must not happen happens.

JIM COBB has written a number of books on prepping. He is an editor at, works as a freelance writer and runs a consulting firm. Cobb lives in a fortified bunker in the Upper Midwest of the United States.

"Among preppers, there are many who just talk. Jim Cobb is one of the few who goes from word to deed."
Creek Stewart, survival expert and author

"an authority among preppers"
Eastern Småland

"Even though I live in an apartment in the big city, I thought that the section on water and leading the downpipes down to the basement for water purification was purely ingenious and very inspiring to read. [...] Next book by Jim Cobb lying and waiting on me, is about his do-it-yourself trick (50 pieces). I long for it! "

"it still has a social perspective that is often lacking among several prepping books that are often very individualistic."


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