Prepper - The board game

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Do not be afraid - be prepared!

Do you have what it takes to survive when the taps are dry, the power has gone out and the preserves are running low? And who manages MacGyvra out of the toughest of situations?

MSB, the Swedish Agency for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning, says that every home should have a crisis box. That it is your responsibility to be prepared to cope for at least 72 hours without water, heat or Wi-Fi.

Are the cans full and you ready? Did not think so huh. With this game, you lift your emergency preparedness to new heights - with a twinkle in your eye and a crank radio in your Bug Out Bag!

Prepper is the board game where you get to combine common sense and strategic sharpness with your ability to think creatively on your feet. In the first part of the game, we put your survival skills to the test with a series of tricky questions, while you fill your prepping storage with smart equipment. All you know is that you need to be prepared, whatever happens.

Prepper oscillates between helylle and total madness - but no matter how you get through the game (and the crises!), you will come out on the other side guaranteed more prepared. And best preparers, remember: hope looms on the horizon, but it is always darkest before dawn. If you have not got a real crisis box at home, let this be your first. Crisis management has seldom been more fun.


We have tested this game ourselves and it is really fun. In addition, you learn as much as from reading a book. A great way to spread the knowledge in the family or to friends. We especially like the possibility of MacGyvra. If you lack the gadgets to solve the problem, you can come up with your own solution, you can convince your teammates that it works and you get approved. A fun feature that is guaranteed to raise the mood around the table. A round takes about 1-1½ hours and offers a lot of laughter, knowledge and frowning.

Buy two - this is a perfect go away gift!

This is how we spread emergency preparedness person to person!

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