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Hygiene in the emergency box, how do we handle it.

When it comes to Deo, there is only one option. The old well-proven rock crystal.

Ice Chrystal consists mainly of the mineral salt Alum (the same as in Alun pin used to stop bleeding when, for example, shaving or as a decipation). 

Ice Chrystal is completely odorless and suitable for both men and women. It does not ruin the clothes and is incredibly expensive. One deodorant is enough for several years! The effect lasts up to 24 hours

Apply immediately after showering / bathing when the body is still moist, or moisten the deodorant before using it. The deodorant leaves a microscopically fine film that neutralizes the pH value and stops bacterial growth. In this way, it keeps your skin odor-free, while your pores can breathe naturally.

Ice Chrystal is a pure natural product and is completely free of aluminum chloride, alcohol, perfume, emulsifiers and harmful chemicals. As it does not contain any additives, it is very gentle on the skin and also suits you with sensitive skin.
Can also be used for the feet. Buy one and try it at home or buy a 4-pack immediately and you will also secure your local environment.
Of course, you can use this even when there is no crisis, a good way to get money left over to replenish your stock. This lasts about a year, a regular deodorant 2-3 weeks.
You save SEK 4-600 per year compared to regular deodorant.

You will not be dissatisfied!
Potassium alum (alun), water (vatten).
120 gram

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