Stjärnfall - Lars Wilderäng (part 2 of the Star Series)

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The struggle continues, in the new dystopian Sweden

In the new world, electronics are a thing of the past. Now people can put their trust in the books that remain, and the knowledge that is still found in professionals and women. The survivors from the period known as the Extinction have, after ten years, begun to get used to it.
Carlsten's fortress is now a place to be reckoned with, even though dissatisfaction with Bohuslän's almighty governor Gustaf Silverbane is growing. The people demand democracy, but are they really ready?
Just as life has returned to a new everyday life, something is heard in the distance. The sounds raise many questions but without answers. One late evening when Lena Svensson is on her way home, she sees something in the forest. Something that can be the explanation for everything, and that makes the blood freeze in the veins.

Suddenly, humanity faces an even greater threat. The whole of western Sweden must gather its forces, while the head of research Anna Ljungberg tries to analyze the opponent they do not know much about.

Stjärnfall is the action-packed sequel to Stjärnklar, Lars Wilderäng's dystopian success.

Facts about the book:

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MEASURE 110x180x25 mm
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