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With our small starter kit, you can get started with hydroponic cultivation quickly, easily and cheaply.

At half the price of e.g. a Harvey are you up and running Hydroponically. Complete with used cans and your own plastic boxes, e.g. Kuggis from Ikea and you have a complete cultivation system with nursery, growth box and attractive jars to place in the kitchen window to harvest from.

The package includes:

  • Small nursery (40 plants)
  • 1 pc 50mm hole saw
  • 1 drill template for Ikea kuggis (supplied digitally)
  • 20 pcs 50mm mesh baskets
  • 20 pcs 50 mm cultivation mushrooms
  • 4 lids for cans 73 and 99 mm
  • 1 curved tip tweezers, good for placing seeds in the nursery and when transferring the seedlings to the mesh baskets.

Start by removing the number of seed cubes you are going to use, rinse and thoroughly soak the sponge. Place one or more seeds in each seed cube and place in the nursery, fill up with water so that it reaches over the grid. Feel free to put some plastic over it so it doesn't dry out so quickly.

When the plants have roots that are about 3-4 cm, take the cubes apart and squeeze the seed cube into a sponge and place in a net pot. It is important that the roots hang down through the mesh pot. Now you put your plant in the growth box. The water level should be just below the bottom of the net basket. Here the plant is allowed to grow. Now it needs a lot of light and extra nutrition in the water.

When it's time to start harvesting, you can transfer the plant into a nice canning jar where you put one of the lids that you drilled a hole in. Place the plant in the kitchen window and enjoy. Don't forget to water with nutrient water. If it is a larger plant, a little quick glue may be needed between the basket and the lid so that the plant does not topple over.

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lilla startpaketet,

trevligt bemötande, snabb leverans. Odlingen är i full gång :)

rose-marie o.
Sweden Sweden


Väldigt nöjd måste jag säga, perfekt startpaket för att komma igång! Man får med allt man behöver. Jag var lite skeptiskt till att använda locken för konserverna först. Men när jag väl provat så blev schysst! Jag har konserverna i en STJÄRNANIS från ikea.

Amadeus S.
Sweden Sweden

Det mesta som man behöver

Tydlig beskrivning om vad paketet innehöll och hur man kom igång. Prylarna kom snabbt från leverantören. Endast näring fick man komplettera med, efter egen önskan anpassat efter min odling. Kan rekommenderas

Helena S.
Sweden Sweden