Are you prepared?

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What do you do if the power goes out and doesn't come back on for days? The water stops flowing, the toilet cannot be flushed. You try to find answers about what to do, but the internet is down.

In recent years, prepping has gone from being a narrow underground hobby to a trend - and finally mainstream. This is a personal book by two of Sweden's most famous experts in the field. Lena Wilderäng (formerly Padukova) is a professional adventurer with survival as an integral part of her profession, and Lars Wilderäng is a novelist for, among other things. Stjärnklart - the book that made Sweden's population start preparing. Their common burning interest in prepping results in lots of inspiring tips. The text is generously seasoned with personal experiences and stories.

If you are prepared, take up the subject from a broader perspective. The book introduces survival thinking, the different principles in crisis, touches on several mental factors, and inspires a mindset that will help you both in different crisis situations and in different aspects of everyday life.

Are you prepared? methodically goes through all the parts you need knowledge in. Lars and Lena proceed from the accepted rule of three: three seconds without hope, three minutes without oxygen, three hours without protection, three days without water and hygiene, three weeks without food and three months without medicine. You get e.g. learn how to control your psyche during an ongoing crisis, seamanship, what to do if lost, fireproofing the home and putting out fires, growing your own food and how to build essentials such as a shower, toilet and makeshift wind and weather shelters. You also get help with prioritizing which parts to put into practice.

Are you prepared? can be used both as a toolbook, source of knowledge and inspiration.

"We hope this will be your last book on prepping. No, not because we believe the apocalypse will arrive soon after the hungry reader turns the last page. Not at all - we believe and hope readers will not have to apply their newly acquired knowledge It's a paradox - why are we writing a book with prepping tips?

What we mean is that we want "prepping" to cease to exist as a concept, and be replaced by what it really is - "common sense". Few have missed that all households are expected to survive for at least three days, preferably a week or more. There simply shouldn't be people who are so unprepared that they don't have water, heat, knowledge or information to cope in a crisis situation!

Prepping itself is not really the focus. It is your ability to cope - and your willingness to do so - that is important. All the tips and suggestions we give you are just tools for you to build a broad understanding of what is possible, and what should be prioritized. Then you are the one at the helm."


Lena Wilderäng & Lars Wilderäng
ISBN: 9789188959119
Language: Swedish
Weight: 126 gram
Released: 2021-01-21
Publisher: Lava Publishers
Number of pages: 222

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