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Have you equipped your car for a crisis?
Stuck in the wasteland or a traffic jam?

Here you have a ready-made kit that, together with what you already have in your car, becomes a good kit


  • 1 High-visibility vest - so you can be seen
  • 2 LED warning lights to call attention, a warning triangle is poorly visible
  • 4 Emergency blankets so you keep warm or don't get too hot
  • 1 Storm Lighter 
  • 1 Headlamp if you need to fix something on the car in the dark (rechargeable via USB)
  • 4 Nut Cookies with Chocolate Flavor - 614 calories each, filling well and giving you the energy you need (lasts until 2042)
  • 1 Pair of gloves that resist wetness 
  • 1 Folding knife (NEO) with glass breaker and belt cutter (with clip so it can be attached to the car belt) 

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