Biomineral - the best nutrition for hydro cultivation and the environment

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Biomineral is a concentrated plant nutrition of professional quality in powder form with recycled minerals from Skåne. The scientifically produced composition of Biomineral is the result of extensive cultivation trials carried out at Grobruket's facility in Alnarp. For all types of plants in pots and hydroponic cultivation.

Available in two pack sizes 200 ml and 75 ml. these are enough for 160 and 60 liters of nutrient solution, respectively.

Suitable for all growing methods
Regardless of whether you grow in soil, substrate or hydroponically, Grobruket's Biomineral plant nutrition is ideal for your plants. The composition of substances is carefully selected.

Scientifically tested
Biomineral is the result of scientific cultivation experiments, both in pots and hydroponically. We are continuously working on improving the recipe and advice for you as a grower.

Recycled minerals and no water
Transporting water with little nutrition in it is not good for the environment, which is why we have developed a concentrated powder nutrition. In addition, Biomineral contains recycled minerals from RecoLab in Helsingborg, which places a smaller burden on the environment. We constantly strive to increase the proportion of recycled nutrients in our product.

Dosage and use

  • For hydroponic cultivation: Add 1.5 spice measures of Biomineral per liter of water. The pH will be slightly higher in the beginning, but drop over time as the plants absorb the nutrients. No adjustment required. 

  • For all potted plants: Dissolve 1 spice measure of Biomineral per liter of water in a watering can and water as needed. Alternatively, sprinkle 1 spice measure into the soil and then water the powder. 

  • The larger package costs 60 and 160 liters of pre-mixed nutrient solution respectively. The cost is dramatically lower than other nutritional solutions

A spice measure gives a reading of approximately 1.2mS/cm2 with tap water. 

This nutrition was developed by Niklas Hjelm, author of the book

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