Biosäck Extra strong - compostable latrine bags 25 pcs

Rea 225.00 SEK
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The bio bag made from corn starch is specially designed to withstand the conditions both in the toilet and during the storage period, after which it slowly breaks down in the ground or the compost together withman with the toilet waste. For containers up to 35 litres. Can also be used as an insert in your regular toilet if that is your emergency plan.
NOTE There are 25 bags on the roll, all others sell in 10 packs (for SEK 149)

The bag is 58x77 cm

User instructions

  • Line the latrine container with the bio bag before using the toilet. When the latrine container is ready for emptying, lift the entire container out of the toilet and transport the waste and the biobag in the container to final disposal. The bio bag goes with the toilet waste into the compost or other final disposal.
  • Store the bio bag cool and dark and in its packaging. We do not recommend keeping the bio bag in the toilet for more than 30 days. The bio bag is delivered in rolls of 25 bags. Fits Separett models: Villa 6000-9010, Weekend 5200-7010, Butler 5500, Chalet 4210, Coloni 4000-4200, Compact 900 and 1100, Rescue Camping, Torp-Isak, Sanitoa, Freeze Septum models: Ekotoalett 5200-5210, Kompakt 800-900, Ecotoalett Kompakt 107-108 TeBe freezer toilet: T-1970, T-3592 and standard latrine barrels.

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