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Preparing for the zombies to come may seem unnecessary because there are no zombies. But zombie series, movies and books are often about different kinds of crises, chaos and disasters. If you are prepared for a zombie attack, then you are prepared to survive most things: power outages, fires, accidents and natural disasters. By thinking that something could happen, we will be better prepared. It is called mental preparation and is a very important part of being prepared - not afraid.

The book is full of tips for being prepared both indoors and outdoors. Here are games, practical exercises and memory rules to remember what it was you would remember. For example, a basic rule: STOP = Stop, Think, Observe, Plan. The most important thing man has in a crisis situation is not different gadgets, but the brain! In addition, here are some facts about zombies. Because even if zombies do not really exist, it can make the preparations more fun and less scary.

Herman Geijer is a zombie survival expert and has written several books on zombies and survival. He also holds survival courses around the country. In addition, he was the listeners' summer host in 2015 in Sommar in P1.

Claes Tovetjärn is a former professional soldier who has studied psychology and who works with educating children and adults to survive difficult situations.

Elin Jonsson signs for several magazines and was the first woman to draw a Phantom cover.

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