The flat water bottle
The flat water bottle

The flat water bottle

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Do you want the opportunity to quickly drain another 50 liters of water. Or are you the icy type who only drains water when it gets hot. Then you do not want 10 empty 5-liter cans that take up space in the closet. Buy our 10 pack of Mylar cans!

Our stable Mylar cans hold 5 liters each. Empty takes up almost no space, filled you have optimal storage of fresh water. Completely air and light tight!

Ordinary water bottles let light through, which can cause algae growth. This can is completely tight, just like your Mylar bags you buy from us to store dry goods in.

35 cm wide
32 cm high
8 cm wide

Sold in 1, 5 and 10 packs.
Price from SEK 99 each

Limited number in the first delivery coming in mid-June. 
Order now and we will send immediately when they come home!