The flat water can 10 Liters - Holds a lot and takes up no space

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Do you want to be able to quickly top up another 100 liters of water? Or are you the icy type who only drinks water when it gets hot. Then you don't want 10 empty 10-liter cans taking up space in the closet. Buy our 10 pack Mylar cans!

Our stable Mylar cans hold 10 liters each. Empty it takes up almost no space, when filled you have optimal storage of fresh water. Absolutely air and light tight!

Ordinary water cans let light through, which can cause algae growth. This canister is completely sealed, just like your Mylar bags you buy from us to store dry goods in.

Ultimate to get water in if you need to carry it a distance home. They weigh nothing and take up no space until filled and have comfortable handles to hold.

Of course BPA-free and food approved!

41 cm bred
40 cm high
8,5 cm bred

Manufactured in extra thick Mylar film 8.7 Mil (220 microns)

Takes up minimal space when not in use!

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