The Urban Prepper's Guide : Prepare for the Next Crisis by Jim Cobb

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Our comfortable lives can be shaken without warning by events beyond our control. These can be global crises such as pandemics and wars, or local disasters such as forest fires, floods and power outages. Everyone needs knowledge of how to act in various crisis situations.

How do you store and purify water? How are you supposed to cook and protect yourself from the elements without electricity? How do you prevent and treat injuries? How do you prepare to evacuate your home at short notice?

The Urban Prepper's Guide is a step-by-step guide written specifically for city and suburban dwellers who have limited budgets and small storage spaces. Many tips are simple and inexpensive, things you can do right away to better handle future challenges.

JIM COBB is one of the world's leading authorities in prepping and has written a series of books on the subject. Cobb lives in a fortified bunker in the upper Midwest of the United States. In Swedish there is already  Prepparen's guide.

"The well-formulated and easily written body texts are complemented by fact boxes and illustrations." Btj

"Jim Cobb is probably the most well-respected author in prep circles."
Joe Alton, physician author of The Survival Medicine Handbook

"Among preppers there are many who just talk. Jim Cobb is one of the few who goes from words to action."
Creek Stewart, survival expert and author

"an authority among preppers."
Eastern Småland


Jim Cobb
ISBN: 9789180186506
Language: Swedish
Weight: 324 gram
Released: 2023-09-11
Publisher: Lind & Co
Number of pages: 203

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