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Sometimes it's fun to light your fire with a lighter.

This fire steel is a total of 120mm long with the handle. The steel is 73 mm and of good quality.

The outermost black layer is a protective coating that rubs off when you use the fire steel. This fire steel produces a powerful burst of sparks that makes it easy to light with.

We recommend that you also buy a bundle Mayastickor.
Scrape off a pile of shavings from the Mayan Sticks with the serrated end of the ruler, place the fire steel against it and pull with the black metal ruler. A rain of sparks quickly ignites the shavings. Be prepared to feed on small sticks and then larger and larger pieces of dry wood.

 This is the best fire steel we have tried, produces many and large sparks.

For your emergency box, we recommend that you supplement with a bunch lighter.

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