Flashlight with crank and solar cell charge

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Never be without light!

With this flashlight that is equipped with both dynamo (crank) and solar cell, you always have access to light. With a practical clip, you can attach the lamp to the backpack, in the tent or in the trouser leg.

Small and flexible enough to carry everywhere.

LED Flashlight with alternator and solar cell charging

  • Battery 5v, 40 mAh Ni-MH
  • Brightness 80 lumenm color 4100k (neutral white)
  • Crank one minute for 8 minutes of lighting
  • Charging under direct sunlight for 30 minutes provides power for 10 minutes of lighting
  • 40 hours of direct sunlight fully charges the battery and ger power for 3 hours of lighting.
  • Weight 86 grams
  • Dimensions 120x45x30mm (LxWxH)

Usage tips:

  • Rotate the hand crank with the flashlight off about 120 rpm.
  • Avoid storing the lamp in extreme heat or humidity.
  • Crank with just the right amount of force so as not to damage the crank.
  • To protect battery performance, crank the crank for at least 1 minute each month or leave the lamp in the sun for 20 minutes. No rechargeable batteries feel good without recharging year after year in a closet.
  • Let it lie in front of a window and the solar cell will charge the flashlight with maintenance! 

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