Hydroponic cultivation: Kitchen garden without soil

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Hydroponic cultivation is a growing trend among growers, especially in cities. It is a form of cultivation that suits many because you grow completely without soil - only with water and nutrients - and therefore extra suitable for those who do not have their own plot of land but still want to grow their own food. It is a cultivation that does not require much surface area or care, plus you have your fresh spices or vegetables close at hand when you cook.

In this guide, you will learn all about how to grow in water, what systems are available and how you can build them yourself. It provides answers to questions such as: Is it equally useful? Does it taste just as good? Is hydroponic cultivation organic? Which vegetables work best?

If you feel like going deep, there is a section for the advanced grower, where you get to know everything about different types of light and nutrition.

Hydroponic plantations work both indoors and outdoors, on a balcony and patio. You can grow basically anything: herbs, lettuce, berries, tomatoes, chili or vegetables such as squash, cucumbers, beans, peas and cabbage.
But most people start with lettuce and basil in the kitchen window.

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