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In this vertical garden, 36 plants grow in a very small area.

This is an NTF system (Nutrition Filtration Technology) where the water with nutrients is pumped up into the top pipe and flows down through the pipes to return to the water tank. (The water tank is not included, get a plastic box of at least 15 litres. Dark plastic so that there will be algae in it. Drill holes in the lid with the provided drill. (We recommend this box )

At the bottom of the tubes are the roots of the plant and it absorbs the nutrients and liquid it needs.

Since the plant has free access to water and nutrients, it can spend its energy on growing instead of creating more roots. It grows much faster this way than in normal soil cultivation.

Grow in 4 tiers 9 plants on each.

Made of food grade PVC-U for long lasting use. Oxygenated water and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots for better growth.

The kit comes with a small and flexible water pump for water circulation. The pump must always be submerged in water to avoid damage. It pumps up to 600 liters per hour, so it doesn't have to go that long to replace the water in the pipes.

Height approx. 1 meter, width approx. 1 meter, depth approx. 50 cm

Easy to install and use!

This kit includes:
1 set of planting tubes
1 timer
1 water pump
36 planting baskets
36 mushrooms
1 tweezers, good to have for placing seeds in the mushrooms and when transferring the plants to the mesh baskets.
250 ml Hydroponic nutrition from Nelson Garden
and 1 instruction in English (coming soon in Swedish).

You set yourself how much you want the pump to run.  

We recommend that you plant the plants in small cubes, e.g. in one of our nurseries, large or small . This saves a lot of time and space. In the nursery, the seed can germinate and the plant can grow, many plants on a small surface. When it has roots, you place them in the included basket and let the roots hang down in the pipe.

This unit can be placed both outside and inside. Keep in mind that indoors, especially in autumn and winter, it needs extra lighting. For example. this one . The timer must be protected from rain if the unit is placed outside.

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