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Practical kitchen garden with space for 9 plants. Here you get everything in one with automatic lighting and irrigation. Assemble, plant your seeds, water and wait. Already within a few days it will start to grow and within a few weeks you will be eating your own home-grown salad!

Perfect for salad, herbs and cabbage. Feel free to choose varieties that grow at altitude, such as Romaine lettuce, Basil, Pak choi and the like. It is also possible to grow potted tomatoes, strawberries and low-growing chillies. The height between pot and lamp is 40 cm. 

An ornament for the kitchen and exciting to follow the growth. It's really growing to the point where this system is cracking.


Width 37 cm, Height 55.6 cm, Depth 13 cm


100 diodes that can be dimmed in 10 different brightness levels.
You can set the light in three different color modes:

• Only white light for the seeds to germinate and stimulate the plant's growth.
• White, Red, Blue, IR & UV for growth and fruiting
• Red, blue, IR & UV to stimulate the flowering phase

Water circulation

The pump runs 30 minutes per day to oxygenate the water.

In the package:

• Kitchen Express Large kitchen garden with lighting
• 9 Mesh baskets with growing medium and 
• Funnel for water filling
• Remote control
• 24w adapter

 To supplement with:

• Nutrition

• Seeds



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