The crisis package - 4 people 30 days
The crisis package - 4 people 30 days
The crisis package - 4 people 30 days
The crisis package - 4 people 30 days
The crisis package - 4 people 30 days

The crisis package - 4 people 30 days

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Pack a crisis package for the whole family without any prior knowledge!

With our crisis package, you get everything you need to create your own emergency supply of food. 

The package is calculated to store the dry goods four people need to be able to eat 3 meals a day for 30 days, a total of 360 servings! If you are alone, the content lasts 4 months !!!

A shopping list is included so you know what to buy. Of course, you can choose what you pack in the bags, but with the shopping list you get an idea of what you should save away.

Supplement with optional preserves for a more varied diet. On the shopping list, we give suggestions on what you can supplement with.

It also comes with a packing list with suggestions on what to pack in each bag and how many oxygen absorbers you should pack in the bag. On our website under News, you will find a list of storage times for each product.

The package includes: Mylar bags 55 pcs

10 st 2 deciliters
9 st 8 deciliters
32 pcs 2 liters
4 x 8.7 liters

100 pcs Acid absorbers 300 cc
1 marker - to write on the bag what it contains It also includes:
• Shopping list - what you need to buy
Packing list - what is packed in each bag
• Information on how to pack in the mylar bags, put in oxygen absorbers and close the bags.
Recipe suggestions - how do I make pancakes on egg powder?
• Suggestions for other products, e.g. preserves that you can supplement with

 It will not be easier to build a store for you and your family.

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Carina S.
Sweden Sweden

Bra med färdigt paket med olika storlekar.

Thomas N.
Sweden Sweden
Snabbt och bra

Snabb leverans, bra packat, bra produkt. Blir fler beställningar.

petronella E.
Sweden Sweden

Fick bra förslag och insikt hur jag bygger mitt personliga krislager utifrån min kost.