Cook food on a griddle

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Of course, food tastes best outdoors!

In this book, you will learn everything you need to know to succeed with your cooking on the grill. You will learn to make a fire that is suitable as a heat source under the stove and to manage the factors that affect the heat. The book also goes through the different stoves available on the market. You will also learn how to burn in a brand new hob and how to best clean the hob after cooking.

The grill has its origins way back in time, when fire was a natural part of everyday life. Today, more and more people are discovering this simple and versatile utensil, which is perfect when there are several people who are going to eat out together. You can bake, deep-fry, fry, boil, roast or flambé on a hob if you wish. The book presents about forty recipes for easy-to-cook outdoor food that is specially adapted for the grill.

Author Elle Nikishkova is one of the country's most sought-after chefs. She moves freely between different food cultures and likes to use flavors and techniques taken from all corners of the world. Elle is also a trained mushroom consultant and regularly holds courses in mushroom picking and outdoor cooking all over the country. She has previously written the book Mushroom book for food lovers (Calazo 2020).

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