The nursery - for 88 plants or for germinating microgreens

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With this nursery, you can grow pea shoots etc. or grow your Hydropino plants. It has a denser grid at the bottom than the sorta nursery so the seeds don't fall through. Choose to buy it as is or with seed cubes (for hydroponic cultivation).

It has a smaller water tank, so if you grow hydroponically, you need to top up more often, but in the beginning the plants don't drink that much so it makes no big difference.

If you buy with seed cubes, you get 88 small mushrooms that sit together in a mat. Perfect for starting many plants in a small area. Sow a few seeds a week and let them germinate and grow in this nursery. Most of what you grow grows very slowly at first. When they have proper roots, place the cube in a sponge and basket and then place in the container where they will grow. This way you can have lots of new plants going as they grow slowly and take up little space and won't block your larger vessels for this (sometimes frustratingly slow) growth period. 

It is easy to pull apart and divide the cubes into several parts.

If you buy it without it, you get a box (the green one) and an insert (the white one) for germinating seeds.

The box measures 32 x 24 x 4.5 cm

Also called: growing plates, growing plate, frog bed, sprouting box, growing box

If you want to try growing pea sprouts, do this:

  • Soak 3 dl of yellow peas for 24 hours (then they get started faster)
  • Spread the peas out on the grid tray
  • Fill with water so that it just reaches the peas
  • When they have roots in the water, you can have a little less water.
  • When they come up 10-15 cm scut but don't cut all the way down to the pea, the new shoot will come
  • Eat on the sandwich, add the piece of meat or fish as decoration or eat as they are, healthy and tasty.

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