When the mountain falls silent - Youth novel by Helena Söderlund

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Mountain hiking? Are Adam's parents serious now? Adam who has never even slept in a tent. And think of all the wildlife!

It has been a long and hot summer where Adam and his best friend Jasmina have bathed and hung out every day. But then the weeks before he is to start seventh grade, in a new school, his parents come up with the completely untipped idea that he and big brother Max are going hiking. Without mom and dad. Far from Jasmina.

At the same time as Adam goes out into the wilderness, Jasmina tries to persuade her mother about her own adventure - to drive through all of Europe to Croatia. But why is mother Mila so reluctant to travel to the city where she grew up?

When the mountain falls silent is a new realistic adventure story about Adam and Jasmina who this time end up in exciting situations in different places. They are forced to be both brave and creative in order to end their lives in different ways. The story is about courage, survival, relationships and trust - both for oneself and for others.

When the mountain falls silent is the independent continuation of When the world goes out which was released in 2020.

 Brilliant! Think BTJ which gives the book the highest rating!

"It's thrilling and dramatic, but also captivating and thought-provoking. Just like the previous book, it opens up for conversations about prepping, crises, disasters and cooperation. A well-written, realistic adventure story with extra everything."

Easy to read with great style and short chapters. Ideal for children from 9 years. Proofread via this  link

Facts about the book:

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