When the world goes out - Youth novel by Helena Söderlund

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Overnight at school? Never in my life. Somehow they have to get home. How bad can it really be out there?

Sixth-grader Adam Nyman wishes he was brave as a superhero, but in reality he does not even dare take the bus home from school. When a big snowstorm breaks out on Friday afternoon, it suddenly depends on Adam to take care of his little sister Maja and gather the whole family together again. But will he have time so that they can celebrate his birthday together the next day?

When the World Goes Out is a realistic adventure story about ordinary children who end up in an extreme situation where they are forced to cooperate, be brave, resourceful and smart in order to survive. It is about friendship, courage, responsibility, daring to stand up for others and oneself but also about the expectations one has of oneself, each other and of the adults.

"... The book also opens up for conversations about prepping, disasters and how to act when the worst happens. The author Helena Söderblom has created a well-written, exciting, dramatic book with a high tempo, a strong drive and an action that grabs hold of the reader. " Lecturer Carola Forslund, BTJ booklet no. 23, 2020.

Free teacher's guide can be downloaded here: https://www.idusforlag.se/press/lararhandledning_nar_varlden_slocknar.pdf

The author Helena Söderblom works as a consultant in crisis management and prepares companies and organizations to be able to navigate through pandemics, data breaches or, as in the book, storms and power outages. When the World Goes Out is her debut book. The independent continuation When the mountain falls silent comes the autumn of 2021.

Easy to read with great style and short chapters. Ideal for children from 9 years. Test read here

Facts about the book:

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