Cultivation mushroom 50 mm

Color: Vit 40 pack
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Extra sponges 32 mm. 

Choose black or white mushrooms

The sponge is 32mm wide and 28mm high with a notch in it.

Plant directly in the mushroom or germinate in the nursery and transfer to this mushroom when the plant has fine roots. Then you save space in your large growing boxes.

These media sponges fit perfectly in your Harvy if you don't want to buy the expensive peat plugs from Nelson Garden.

Do like the pros, grow in foam mushrooms. This meduim for hydroponic cultivation is by far the most common in professional farms. The medium is only there to keep the seed in place and give it moisture at the beginning of the cultivation. When the plant has its roots, it sticks to the pot. With foam mushrooms, you avoid earth-bound diseases, mold and other unpleasantness.

In this mushroom, you can grow herbs and lettuce with advantage.

Massage the mushroom in a water bath and it will return to its shape if flattened. In addition, it absorbs water much better then.

As it is completely free of chemicals such as UV protection and flame retardants which are usually found in foamed plastic, it can yellow because.

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