The survival guide

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This book shows how to handle 300 survival situations. How to make a fire with a soda can? What is the best way to cope with a forest fire? How to get out of a car underwater? How can you jump from a running train? And how do you survive unscathed during violent street riots? These and hundreds of other questions will be answered in this comprehensive survival guide. It is divided into three main sections: the wilderness, the disaster and the city. Here are basic survival techniques such as orienteering in nature and giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but also advice and tips on how to get through whole skin from more unlikely problems, such as a wrestling match with a crocodile or a swim through burning oil.

Rich Johnson has extensive experience in the field of survival techniques. He has served in the special unit Green Berets and as a paratrooper in the US Army. In the civilian service, he has worked as a training officer at the US Coast Guard and served as a volunteer ambulance paramedic and firefighter.

Ola Skinnarmo is Sweden's foremost adventurer. He was the first Swede to ski both to the South Pole and to the North Pole. During his polar expeditions, he has survived many life-threatening situations such as falling into glacier cracks, encounters with starving polar bears and sailing through stormy waters filled with icebergs.

    Facts about the book:

    LANGUAGE: Swedish
    BINDING:  Bound
    MEASURE: 200x250x25mm
    WEIGHT: 952 gram

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