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The Survival Handbook teaches basic techniques for wilderness survival. If you make an emergency landing in the mountains, in the jungle or in the desert, how do you manage then? How do you find food, how do you care for the injured and how do you get back to civilization alive? - But the book also teaches how to cope in the home if, for example, electricity and water stop working.
The handbook of survival is based on the experience of the British Army's paratroopers - soldiers who are dropped behind enemy lines with minimal equipment. This is of course extreme. But even if you just want a little adventurous wilderness vacation, the knowledge in the Survival Handbook is invaluable in a sharp situation.
The survival manual has sold 150,000 copies in Sweden and is available here in a new, revised edition.

From the content:

  • Be prepared - the basic needs for survival and how to fix an emergency box
  • The right behavior - how to master the situation, from car accidents to survival in the polar regions
  • Food - what you can eat and how to find food
  • Camp - how to build the right kind of protection in the right kind of place
  • Read signs - learn the map signs and nature's own signs to find a home and also be able to predict the weather
  • Medical care - first aid, cold injuries and heat stroke, natural medicines and tropical diseases and poisonous animals
  • Rescue - signal signs, reconnaissance and rescue techniques
  • Disasters - natural disasters, how do you deal with fire, lightning, earthquake and tsunami, but also how you survive in the home when electricity and water do not work
  • Survival at sea - how to survive on a raft, how to fix food and water and avoid sharks

Facts about the book:

MEASURE: 195x252x30mm
WEIGHT: 1398 gram

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