PH - EC - TEMP Meter for control of water / nutrient solution in Hydroponic cultivation

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An easy-to-use meter for those who really want to keep an eye on your crops. 

What is the pH of the water, how much nutrition is left in the water, what is the temperature of the water.

If you have problems that you do not understand the cause of or want to maximize your results, this meter is worth its weight in gold. In the Swedish manual, you get a list of which values ​​different crops thrive best in.

The correct pH value is important for your plants to feel good and absorb nutrients in the best way.
The EC value shows how much nutrition there is in the water. Some plants are hungrier than others and use more nutrients than water, and some will over-fertilize if you add the same amount of nutrients each time. With this meter you don't have to guess.

The neutral PH value is 7.0. Most plants thrive best between 5.2-6.5. 

Crop Ideal pH value
Salad 5,5-6,5
Tomato 5,5-6,5
Cucumber 5,8-6,0
Paprika 5,8-6,2
Basil 5,5-6,5
Strawberries 5,5-6,5
Broccoli 5,5-6,5
Cabbage 5,5-6,5


When growing Hydroponically, it is important to keep track of the EC value, especially how it changes. The EC meter is a way to measure how much nutrients and water your plants take up. If you have an EC starting value, you can check after 1-2 days how much nutrition and water your plants are drinking. If the EC value drops, the plants drink more nutrients than water and then you need to top up with more nutrients. If the EC value rises after 1-2 days the plants need more water.

Also keep an eye on the color of the leaves. If the plant turns dark green and the leaves get burnt at the tips, it is a sign of too much nutrition (too high EC value) you need to add more water. 

If, on the other hand, the plants are too light in color, the cause is often too little nutrition (too low EC). Is the pH value correct? (too high or low prevents the plant from absorbing nutrients) then you add more nutrients.

With a meter, you don't have to guess and can understand if it's not growing as it should.

It comes with three bags of Buffer powder. With these you easily mix into calibration liquid to calibrate your meter. If you need more calibration fluid, you can buy more bags here

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