Nursery - Starter kit for 96 plants

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With our nursery consisting of a 96 seed cube, a grid and watering tray, you pull up strong seedlings which are then re-schooled in the larger sponge and basket.

96 small mushrooms sitting together in a mat. Perfect for starting many plants in a small area. Sow a few seeds a week and let them germinate and grow in this nursery. Most of what you grow grows very slowly at first. When they have proper roots, place the cube in a sponge and basket and then place in the container where they will grow. This way you can have lots of new plants going as they grow slowly and take up little space and won't block your larger vessels for this (sometimes frustratingly slow) growth period. 

It is easy to pull apart and divide the cubes into several parts.

Do you have e.g. 12 Lettuce Grow Spots, plant 4 seeds a week. after 3 weeks it's time to move to basket and put on your grow site for growth then you can harvest 3 heads of lettuce per week and always have new plants going. 

The package includes:
1 box with dimensions 34 x 24 x 7 cm
1 grid that fits in the box
1 mat with 96 seed cubes

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