PowerStation M1000 - 270.000 mAh

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Power that you can take with you and store until you find yourself in situations without access to electrical outlets. Supply up to 10 devices with power via a large number of outlet types.

 Take electricity with you wherever you go or have emergency power in case of power outages. Extra electricity in the car or mobile home, the possibilities are endless.

Fry waffles on the beach or charge your mobile 84 times, this is the biggest Powerbank you've ever seen, also with two 220 V sockets of course EU sockets not as in the pictures, new pictures coming soon.

Maximum effect  1000w Pure sine wave
  • 999 Wh
  • 3.7v
  • 270,000 mAh
  • LiFePo4
  • Guaranteed 80% capacity after 3000 charging cycles

2 pcs 220V Swedish sockets (not as in the pictures)  (1000 W continuous peak 2000 W)
3 st USB 3.0 (18W, 5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A) *3 (total 54W )
1 st USB-C (60W, 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V3A)
1 pc 12 cigarette lighter socket 12-14V/10A (120W)    
2 pcs DC 55*2.1 socket 5W/7.5W/10W (total 120W )
Wireless charging 5W/7,5W/10W

Charge 12V-26V with included transformer, cigarette cable or solar cells (sold separately)
Charging time via
220V about 6 hours
12 v 7-9 hours
Solar cells 6-9 hours via built-in MPPT charge controller
Lighting 2 separately controlled LED lamps that have two different light levels (3W & 5W) as well as an SOS signal and flashing signal to call attention
Dimensions & weight

328 x 221 x 263 mm

8,9 kg


Orange (as well as black and gray)

In the box
  • AC charger (220v)
  • Medalist (12V9
  • Adapter for solar cell charging with MV¤ connector
  • Manual in English
  • Strap

In the last picture loads:

  • 1 iPhone wirelessly on top of the device
  • 1 Jaktradio via 220V
  • 1 Dog level via 220 V
  • 1 Dog gauge via USB-A
  • 1 Powerbank via USB-C 

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