Prep food - Everything you need to know about food in times of crisis

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We have all become well aware that in the event of a social disturbance or crisis situation, the supply of food may be limited. This can apply in the event of a pandemic but also after a long power outage or an extensive storm.

The authorities recommend that all households have food and water so that they can survive for at least a few days in the event of a social disturbance. But few of us know what food you should really have at home and how much. What to invest in? How should it be stored? How long does it last? Which ingredients are smartest in terms of recommended nutritional intake? In the wake of a storm, the electricity can go and what do you do with the contents of the freezer? And how can you cook without electricity at all?

In Preppa mat, Niklas Kämpargård explains the concepts and comes up with solid tips and advice on how to best prepare for and cope with a period of isolation or lack of food, regardless of whether you live in an apartment in the city or in a house in the country. The book gives you clear checklists as a basis for planning and also contains many exciting recipes with the ingredients that you have filled stores with.

NIKLAS KÄMPARGÅRD is a writer, photographer and lecturer with a focus on crisis preparedness, cultivation and self-sufficiency. His latest book is the famous Storm, Flood and Drought, and he has previously published, among other things, the Crisis Handbook and Lev as a Farmer.

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