Prepping: Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst

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How long would you last if there was a prolonged power outage? If the water disappeared and our petrol or debit cards stopped working? There is a group of people who practice being prepared for just that: the prep.

While the authorities urge citizens that we must fend for ourselves for at least 72 hours, many of us stand handcuffed when the electricity goes out or the water runs out.

A preparer has stockpiled fresh water and preserves. The really serious ones leave the city and move out into the country to a house with its own well and greater opportunities to get through civilizational collapses.

In the book, we meet a number of Swedish preparers who share how they go about being prepared for all types of disasters. It is the woman who works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the single mother who prepares with the children, the pensioner who becomes increasingly self-sufficient on her farm and the couple who stored 400 liters of water in their apartment.

But the book is also a practical handbook with a lot of valuable tips on how to survive, keep warm, store water or cope mentally in a crisis.

    Facts about the book:

    LANGUAGE: Swedish
    BINDING:  Pocket
    MEASURE: 195x252x30mm

    398 gram


    Anna-Maria Stawreberg

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