Gift box / Starter kit Harvy 3, hydroponic cultivation (with lighting)

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In Harvy you grow e.g. useful green leaves, herbs and flowers in water, without soil and without the need for prior knowledge.  A perfect gift for a friend or for yourself!

The cultivation box has a timeless design that fits just as well in a small apartment in the big city as in a large house in the country. It can be placed indoors or outdoors and it makes cultivation easy. 

But best of all - you get started in 10 minutes and the cultivation takes care of itself for the most part. 

A complete solution for hydroponic cultivation incl. plant lighting and hangers.

The package consists of
- White box with white lid for 3 plants
- 6 sown cultivation plugs (3 x lettuce, 3 x basil)
- 3 plug baskets
- 250 ml special nutrition
Articulated ramp with hangers and chains

Plant nutrition
Specially adapted for hydroponic cultivation, i.e. cultivation in water. Convenient bottle with a practical scale in the cap that makes the nutrition easy to dose. Enough for several cultivation rounds. 250 ml. NPK 4-0.7-3

Växtbelysning LED-ramp Small 15W 39cm 
Energy-efficient LED ramp with adapter. 6400 K, nominal luminous flux 1400 lumens, nominal burning time 35000 h, PPFD (100 mm) 130 µmol / s / m².

Box of PS, baskets of PE
- Made in Sweden
- Dimensions 39x15x14 cm

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