Sangean All Weather Radio MMR99 FM/AM Green

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Vevradions Rolls-Royls!

Perfect to use as a kitchen radio until it is needed as an emergency radio.

Battery and antenna are available as spare parts so it is a good environmental choice as you can have it for many years to come.

FM radio with solar cells dynamo & bluetooth. With a replaceable 2600mAh battery, you can listen to the radio, use the flashlights or charge your phone without worrying about running out of power. If the battery runs out, you recharge it with the efficient crank dynamo or the solar cells.

SANGEAN MMR99 takes dynamo radio to a new level.
Quality, size function everything is more and bigger than the popular bestseller MMR88.

The Sangean MMR-99, is a rechargeable all-weather emergency radio ready for extreme situations.
Unlike its predecessors, this super is equipped with lots of features.
With, among other things, 40 quick-selection slots, for FM
ATS automatic station tuning.
Emergency lighting and lots of functions.
This is a product with a high desire factor.
A radio in practical portable size with dynamo
charging as well as solar charging.
The MMR-99 also works as a charger for other smaller devices such as e.g.
IPX55 gives it dust and water resistance.
Withstands tough grips.

The MMR99 series from Sangean has the environment in focus.
It is rechargeable, which saves nature and resources.
Operating time approx. 24 hours of playing time, with a full battery.
The time is approximate det depends on volume strength and use of blue tooth.
The charging takes place partly via SOLAR CELLS, and so this is an important part of the environmental concept.
The dynamo charging is highly efficient, provides good transmission and is hyper environmentally friendly.

The fact that Sagean has an extremely long lifespan contributes to reducing wear and tear on the earth's resources.

Link to Vardagsprepping's test of this radio here.

More about the product:

  • AM/FM-RBDS/Bluetooth.
  • 40 Stations speed dial locations (20 AM/20 FM) .
  • ATS (Auto Tuning System) Automatic tuning of stations.
  • FM soft mute function (nice transition between stations).
  • AM/FM radio
  • FM Mono/Stereo switch
  • Power via Hand dynamo Solar cell /DC-In (USB Type-C) to rechargeable Lithium Battery. Available as a spare part if you want to exchange or have an extra one, contact us at for info.
  • Battery level and charging LED indicator.
  • Adjustable 5-position LED floodlight (High & Low/Width&Focus/Blinking/SOS/ Morse
  • Code) .
  • Red light for optimal night vision.
  • Built-in emergency light mechanism, for unforeseen situations.
  • Built-in clock.
  • Built-in premium speaker.
  • Alarm times with 7 different sound levels.
  • Loudness control (Off / On ).
  • Adjustable background lighting for timer.
  • Selectable automatic shutdown (to save the battery)
  • IP55 rated for dust and water tightness.

Solidly built and designed to withstand harsh conditions..
The size is chosen for maximum portable use.
AUX-In for connecting an additional audio source.
Stereo for the headphone connection
DC-out (5V/1A) USB Type-A for charging smaller devices.
DC-In (5V/2.4A) USB Type-C charging of the battery
USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable and wrist strap are included.

Mått 205 x 75 x 104 mm (B x D x H)
Weight 904 grams

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