Sangean allväders radio MMR88 FM/AM

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Vevradions Porche!

Perfect to use as a kitchen radio until it is needed as an emergency radio.

Battery and antenna are available as spare parts so it is a good environmental choice as you can have it for many years to come.

FM radio with solar cells dynamo & bluetooth. With a replaceable 2600mAh battery, you can listen to the radio, use the flashlights or charge your phone without worrying about running out of power. If the battery runs out, you recharge it with the efficient crank dynamo or the solar cells.

Survival and leisure radio for all occasions
No batteries are needed here.
Battery-free, power-free.

The sun provides energy, charging the rechargeable battery for you.
And that every day.
Save money save the environment in several aspects.
(Environmentally hazardous batteries are not needed).

The MMR88 is a practical radio for many uses.
Thanks to the fact that it is not dependent on external power.
Wind up the rechargeable battery, or let the sun power the MMR88.
Withstands rain and harsh treatment.

Additionally, MMR88 is:
Charging device for your mobile phone (via the USB socket)
Flashlight independent of batteries.
(Signal functions)
Emergency signal device.
(Call attention via a loud tone.)

Not only this, in true SANGEAN spirit, the radio part is absolutely outstanding.
Perfect reception almost over everything.
You also get a long service life in the bargain.

SANGEAN MMR88 quick facts
DIGITAL FM radio and AM
19 speed dial locations (step function)
Charged with Hand-operated dynamo, solar panel or with USB input from power source
Built-in rechargeable LITHIUM ION battery with charging indicator (850mAh)
FLASHLIGHT adjustable in the form of constant light / pulsating light
Distress signal to call attention
Built-in clock
Auto power off after 90 minutes (Saves battery)
3.5mm stereo socket for headphones
DC output 5v to be able to charge e.g. SMART PHONE
DC in to be able to charge the built-in battery
Neatly packaged in a 4 color box

Top class radio part with DPS setting
Quick dial memory 19 pcs. (FM and AM)
LCD display 19.5 x 40 mm, with backlight.
Graphic/ Segment v.
Stereo via headphones
Hand driven dynamo / USB Charging / more Solar Power
FM frequency (MHz) 87.5 - 108
AM / MW frekvens (kHz) 520 - 1710 (10k) / 522 - 1710 (9k)
Stepwise setting of frequencies

More info

  • Illumination of the display Yes
  • Hand driven dynamo Yes
  • Real time clock Yes
  • Sleep function Yes 90 minutes of operation
  • Speaker Yes 37.5 mm diameter
  • Impedance 8 ohms
  • Output power With batteries (speaker) 0.4 W
  • With headphones 1 + 1 mW Stereo
  • Power supply 18350 Lithium battery 3.7 V 850 mA
  • Connection for micro USB (same as mobile phones)
  • (DC out 5 V / 0.3 A) USB USB for e.g.
  • mobile charging.
  • Headphone jack Yes 3.5mm stereo
  • Accessories USB A to Micro USB B cable
  • Handlovsrem
  • Swedish user manual.

Dimensions 152 x 83.6 x 69 Width / Height / Depth (mm)
Weight 392 g

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