Sangean Fickradio FM AM Vit

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Crank radios in all their glory, but radios on batteries can be at least as good a solution. The batteries often last a very long time in these.

Sangean SR36 Pocket-sized horizontal radio

This radio with built-in speaker and 3.5 mm headphone jack.
The SR36 is a friend for everyone who likes to listen to the radio in all possible environments
and context.
Great sound!
The Sangean SR36 has a very big sound via the built-in speaker.
In addition, with extremely good radio part both on FM and AM.
2 band AM/FM

The SR 36 combines good sound, good reception with a practical format.
And this at an affordable consumer price.
The fact that it is a built-in speaker gives the SR36 more possibilities.
Why not have a radio where you are?

Good battery operating time is also a good thing with our SR36

More about the product
Speaker 2 1/4 inch 56 mm diameter
8 ohm
Headphone connection 3.5mm
Batteries 2 x 1.5 volt AA
batteries not included
Dimensions 130 mm width
70mm high
32 mm deep
Weight 160 grams without batteries

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