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Easy-to-use water filter that you easily mount directly on your water faucet. Perfect for preparedness at home or for getting clean drinking water on the trip, in the caravan or on the boat.

  • Large capacity - can purify almost 1900 liters of water per day
  • Filters out all dangerous bacteria and protozoa
  • Cleans the water on microplastics
  • Easy to take with you - weighs only 114 grams
  • Clean water in a crisis situation
  • For travel, caravan, boat or festival - fits almost any faucet
  • Easy to rinse clean - very long life

Clean the tap water from bacteria

With the Sawyer Tap Filter, you purify any tap water quickly and easily. It is practical if you want to strengthen your home preparedness and always have access to clean water - even if the municipal water becomes contaminated.
Sawyer faucet filter fits most water faucets with a diameter of 17 – 22 mm.
The filter removes all bacteria and parasites, including:
  • Coli
  • Giardia
  • Vibrio cholerea (cholera)
  • Salmonella Typhi
  • Leptospirosis

It is also practical to take with you when travelling. Are you worried about contracting cholera, coliform bacteria or parasites in the water? Just screw on the filter on the water tap in the hotel room!
NOTE – keep in mind that the filter, like most other water filters, does not remove viruses. If there is suspicion that the drinking water contains viral infection (e.g. Hepatitis A), you should always boil it.

Robust and versatile water filter

This is a very robust water filter with good flow through. Thanks to a special adapter, the filter is automatically disconnected if the pressure becomes too high. This is so that it will not be damaged.
After you have used the water filter for a while, it is easy to clean by flushing water in the other direction. This makes it almost like new again.
It is also versatile. The package includes a hose that allows you to easily fill up, for example, a water can without having to try to fit it in the sink. Removes all microplastics from drinking water

Do you want to avoid ingesting too many plastic particles through the drinking water? Sawyer filters for taps filter out 100 percent of all microplastics that can be found in the water. This is why this filter is also perfect in the ordinary home if, for example, you want to be sure that your child or baby will not ingest plastic through the water. Tips - if you need a water filter for hiking, we can advise Sawyer Mini.


  • Contains: Filter, adapter for cleaning, various adapters for adaptation, extension hose

  • Type of filter: Membrane

  • Removes: Bacteria and microplastics

  • Suitable for: Home (crisis preparedness / home preparedness), in the hotel room when traveling, in the caravan, on the boat, at a festival, in the summer cottage

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Sawyer Vattenfilter

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