Separett 25 campingtoalett

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Separett Rescue Camping 25 is a portable toilet solution that is easily assembled and disassembled for easy transport.

Rescue Camping is designed for leisure people who need a portable toilet but is also very useful for e.g. the colony cottage or as extras for the "unexpected" visit. The toilet is delivered complete for use and is easy to set up and fold. The latrine bags made of compostable material can be buried together with the waste.

Separett Rescue Camping 25 is a portable toilet solution that is easily assembled for quick use and apart for easy transport. The toilet weighs only 4kg and takes up minimal space - adapted for mobile freedom.

Rescue Camping 25 is a perfect companion in the boat or motorhome and provides a little extra comfort and convenience on the adventure when the need arises. It works great for both large and small and is easy to assemble when needed and to disassemble when the adventure continues. Skip the squatting and uncomfortable positions out in the woods and on the ground. With Rescue Camping 25, it will be a little more comfortable to fulfill your needs on the adventure.

The dry waste is collected in a compostable latrine bag. The urine can either be discharged into the ground or collected in an external container (eg a PET bottle) and then handled at a later time.

Operating cost
Rescue Camping 25 consumes only latrine bags. The latrine bags can be used during several visits and should only be replaced when the toilet is disassembled and the adventure continues. The operating cost thus varies depending on how the toilet is used. You can use both Separett's standard compostable latrine bags and their black latrine bags.

Clean Rescue Camping 25 at regular intervals by rinsing the urine bowl and the latrine hose with water and wiping the entire toilet with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Features & Properties
- Portable
- Perfect for the excursion
- Urine saving
Comes with bag for transport

Included in the camping toilet
Leg position
Urine tube
Sits & lock
2 compostable bags

Other product information

Technical information
Material: Recyclable Polypropylene
Urine drain: Hose 2m, Ø 19 mm
Weight (kg): about 4
Seat height (cm): 43
Maximum load (kg): 150

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