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There are times when you want to get food in your stomach as quickly as possible, regardless of whether you are out paddling, hiking or touring skis. The weather is not always perfect and sometimes it takes longer than planned to arrive at the campsite. 

This cookbook contains 90 recipes for super quick outdoor food (70 of which can easily be made completely vegetarian). You prepare each dish at home and pack in portion bags. The food then takes no more than ten minutes to prepare on the trip, you only add hot water and stir. 

That's why it's smart to learn how to make your own fast food: 

- Food in no time when you need it most
- Better control of what the food contains

- Create your personal favorite dishes
- Save weight by bringing lighter and simpler outdoor kitchens
- It will be significantly cheaper than freeze-dried food

The author Eric Tornblad is an outdoor chef and entrepreneur who has previously written the popular books Dry foodMountain food  and Fire foodall at Calazo publishing house. 

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