Stjärndamm - Lars Wilderäng (part 3 of the Star Series)

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The action-packed third part of the Star Series

The downfall of modern civilization is a fact and the few survivors have only one goal: to fight for their lives.

The civilization that was slowly but surely rebuilt, ten years after the Extinction, is now shattered. The bravely fighting soldiers had no chance against the technically superior enemy. No bullets in the world could protect them from the weapon that was close to destroying them all.

Some of the few survivors have regrouped at Carlsten's fortress, captured as rats and surrounded by threatening eyes. There must be a way to stop the enemy. If that's the last thing they do, they have to try. The only question is how to get out of their captivity, and if there are more survivors out there

Said about the Star Series:
Lars Wilderäng has gained a large audience with his indie dystopian suspense novels and is back with his best book. "- Focus

"Leaf turn thriller. Pedantically well researched and simply can not stop reading." - Aftonbladet

"Gastrostatic dystopia with flashes of light." - Today's news

"On the way to becoming a classic in the genre." - Skånska Dagbladet

"Lars Wilderäng has managed to carve his own chaos niche into the Swedish bookshelf." - Café

Facts about the book:

TYPE  Pocket
MEASURE 110x180x20 mm
WEIGHT 160 g


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