Starry Star by Lars Wilderäng (part 1 in the Star Series)

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"Gastrostatic dystopia with flashes of light." Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter.

"Leaf turn thriller [...] simply can not stop reading." Johanne Hildebrandt, Aftonbladet.

Electronics have no immune system. This is something that is not in line with the increasing number of broken phones that have been handed in for repair around the country. They are stone dead. At the same time, a series of unexplained events in society begin to take turns. A manufacturing defect in the cars' microchips quickly turns the roads into car cemeteries. The trains are affected by electrical faults, the shelves in the shops are empty, the summer colds are getting tougher and power outages are becoming part of the new everyday life.

At Karlsborg Airport, the elite soldier Gustaf Silverbane is ready for foreign operations when something goes terribly wrong and a blaze of fire fills the sky. Survivalist Filip Stenvik gets to see his previously mocked hobby turn into bloody seriousness. In the growing uncertainty, police Peter Ragnhell is pushing his already unconventional methods of law enforcement to the forefront. At the same time, the programmer Anna Ljungberg makes a discovery that threatens to change the conditions for all human life on earth. Or is it already too late?

After another power outage, everything changes. The dark autumn enters a starry winter where chaos prevails and few survive.

Starry is the first part in a new long-awaited series by the author of Midwinter Darkness and Midsummer Dawn.

A classic in Prepper Sweden!

Said about the Star Series:

Lars Wilderäng has gained a large audience with his indie dystopian suspense novels and is back with his best book. "- Focus

"Leaf turn thriller. Pedantically well researched and simply can not stop reading." - Aftonbladet

"Gastrostatic dystopia with flashes of light." - Today's news

"On the way to becoming a classic in the genre." - Skånska Dagbladet

"Lars Wilderäng has managed to carve his own chaos niche into the Swedish bookshelf." - Café

Facts about the book:

TYPE  Pocket
MEASURE 110x190x20 mm
WEIGHT 220 g


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