Storm lighter a low buy individually or in large packages

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Amazingly powerful lighter with a jet flame.

Forget the lighter. Buy a couple of really good lighters and a bunch of refill bottles and you'll do better and longer. Sure, lighters are fun, but honestly, when you're wet, cold and tired and have to start a fire in the rain, can you do it with a fire steel? Or is a lighter in your pocket a better solution?

  • A jet flame
  • Refillable!
  • Several nice colors

We sell this lighter individually or in packs of 20. If you buy a 20-pack, you get them in a nice display box that adorns its place on every prepper shelf.

You buy bottles with refill gas here with us  or at Jula, Biltema, Ica, Willys or in the local tobacco shop.

With a 20 pack of lighters and a few tubes of lighter gas you can last for many years!
Our refill bottles contain 167 grams of gas, these lighters hold about 5 grams. So you can fill it 30 times for about 2.40 per refill.

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